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  GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)を取得しているために厳しい検査が要求されます。出荷前には第三者機関による検査も行い、





What is CBD?
⇒Cannabidiol (abbreviation CBD) is one of at least 113 cannabinoids found in hemp (besides medicinal cannabis).

Is CBD oil or hemp oil illegal?
⇒CBD oil and hemp oil are classified as food.

The use of hemp leaves, flowers and roots is prohibited under the Cannabis Control Law of Japan, but mature seeds and stems are excluded from the regulation.
Does CBD Oil Contain THC?
⇒Due to the latest technology and efforts of manufacturers, the products we import and sell do not contain THC that is subject to the regulations.

We are directly importing from Forium and ensure the quality you can use with confidence.
Is CBD safe?
Is it really THC free?
⇒Prior to import, we consult to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in advance, and after arrival confirmation, we submit the
necessary documents to the Pharmaceutical Regular Affairs Division, Quarantine Station, etc., and carry out the formal import procedure.
We also conduct a test before importing, and after the import, we also conduct a test at the Japan Cannabidiol Association.

Can you say that it’s really THC free?
⇒Before importing, we go perform a thorough inspection, submit documents for proof, and obtain the import permit. In addition, Folium has
acquired the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which is an international production quality standard for which strict inspection is required.
Before shipment, we also get the products inspected by a third party organization. After importing, we inspect it at the Japan Cannabidiol Association before shipping.

What is the difference between medical cannabis and CBD oil?
⇒Medical cannabis and marijuana contain THC, a hallucinogenic ingredient. On the other hand, since CBD oil does not contain THC, even if ingested in
large amounts, it does not cause any psychological effects.

What does CBD oil contain
⇒We obtain broad spectrum oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and hemp oil CBD from the mature stems of industrial cannabis plants.

What effect does CBD oil have?
⇒Because CBD oil is a food, it cannot promise any medical benefits.

Are there any ways to consume CBD oil in other forms/methods?
⇒In addition to oil tinctures, CBD can be used in supplements and drinks, and can also be used in cosmetic products.
In overseas, there are CBD infused products such as juices, honey, gummy candies, candy, chocolate.

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